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Our manufactory builds unique and pleasant instruments for sound therapy, sound massages and intuitive music in the heart of Germany. And we deliver our goods worldwide.

Our passion is to inspire people for the healing effect of sounds on body, mind and soul.

Learn here how to integrate this treasure into your life.

shamanic singing chanting singen mit der Trommel Mantras und Gesänge
Geschäft Laden Instrumente

the right supplier
for sound healing

Bring the symphony of cosmic sounds into your life!

  • Use our crafted tools for sound therapy in your profession.
  • Expand the equipment of your practice.
  • Complete the trainings for our instruments
Therapie mit dem Klang des Monochordes

Monochord for Therapy

For therapists, alternative practitioners, doctors, nurses, carers. Also for hospice care for the dying, childbirth care, old people’s homes, special schools and much more. Use the instruments in targeted treatment settings.

discover our therapie packages for your sound studio.

Monochord for Wellness

For masseurs, hotels, wellness providers, social institutions and much more. For yourself, your children, family, parents and for the harmonization of social interaction. The sound of the monochord instruments brings calm, enriches meditation and harmonious relationships. With the deep experiences in the sound, your own spiritual practice and sensitivity are promoted.

Delfin Monochord
multichord for sound healing concerts and events

for intuitive Music

For musicians in the field of mantra, yoga, vocal accompaniment and world.

Our monochords are very suitable for overtone music, sound journeys and concerts.

You might already feel a tingle in your belly when you imagine the great possibilities using the sounds of this magical instruments to relax and please your audience. They will love it.


Sound Sample for Sound Swing PRO

von The deep C# - Year tone tuned on one monochord panel

Sound Swing PRO

  • Our highlight of all sound experiences.
  • This therapy tool enables relaxation and harmonization of energy systems.
  • The simply magical sound is rounded off by the floating of the clients.
  • A feast for the eyes in your treatment room.
  • We produce different versions, and there is a possibility of making an individual version.
  • Tunings of the playing surfaces according to the cosmic harmonies.

 Product highlights

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for your wellbeing:

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These recordings were made for you in a particularly high quality by hand-played monochord instruments. We played the sounds according to the planet tones with certain qualities. Can you imagine how the pure sound of the earth’s rotation and other naturally planetary rhythms bring you to spiritual clarity? Order the tone of your choice and download it, listen to it wherever you need it. For your own concentration improvement, symptom harmonization or simply to feel good. Click on the product and you will also find an audio sample. Good headphones or a good hi-fi system are recommended. Find the sound you like best. Are you even more interested in the specific effect of the sounds? Then contact us!

you feel the vibes?
Use sound successfully.

Today, our products are successfully used in the following areas:

klang-schaukel in jurte

Psychotherapy / occupational therapy / pain therapy

trauma therapy / alternative cancer therapy / healing practices

music therapy / sound therapy / sound massage / yoga / meditation

social institutions / day care centers / schools / special schools

birth preparation / early childhood bonding

nursing homes / hospice services / mourning work

Wellness / Sports / Health / Rehabilitation

sound arts / stage performance / sound journeys

Klang Begegnungstag Erfahrungsfeld Weiterbildung

the Monochord

The overtone instrument

This professional instrument brings the sound of cosmic harmony into your life.

  • Available in different sizes and basic tones for specific applications.
  • Made entirely of wood, elegantly finished, portable and robust.
  • We offer you a consultation for the use of these magical sounds for your subject area.

Sound Sample Monochord Ava - basic tone A

von SpiritSoundArt